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key control systemOverseeing a multifamily community or building complex naturally requires some form of key inventory and control. Your current process may have served you well for a time, but when is it time for an update? How can you tell if your key control system is outdated? Here are some key indicators that you may need an upgrade.

You haven’t updated your key control system in several years.

If you aren’t detecting any issues with your current system, why would you need an upgrade? Simple: The bad guys get wise over time. The longer you keep the same protocols in place, the more likely it is that a criminal or intruder can find a workaround. (Even computerized systems are susceptible to hacking without regular updates.) Over the past several years, technological advances have made key control much more secure and more difficult to hack. If you’re not availing yourself of these technologies, you may be leaving your property vulnerable to crimes.

Your business is growing and expanding.

Business growth is a good thing, but times of expansion can also be times of vulnerability — not just because of the temporary chaos, but also because there is more to manage. Your current key control protocols were designed not just around security, but around size. If you’re adding a new building or wing, or if you’re expanding to multiple locations, your key control system should be upgraded to accommodate new demands for tracking and maintenance.

You are already experiencing key control failures.

If instances of misplaced keys, faulty fobs, or equipment breakdowns are on the rise — or, heaven forbid, if you’ve already experienced one or more security breaches — your current key system is obviously not keeping up. Like anything else, patches and fixes only carry you for so long. The only way to restore security is to upgrade.

Your access to monitoring and tracking is limited.

Are you still doing check-in/check-out tracking on paper? Do you have to hunt through file cabinets to find a printed report of who had keys out on Saturday the 12th? If so, your security is weak. Here in the 21st century, criminals work fast, and you have to keep up with them. Modern key control systems employ WiFi and mobile technology that allow you to pull reports instantly and monitor/track through your mobile devices.

If you’ve determined that your key control system is outdated, HandyTrac is here to help. Our state-of-the-art key control systems take the headache out of key tracking and monitoring with multiple layers of protection, instant reporting and more. To learn more, contact us today!